Virtual Reality (VR) is the closest thing you can get to being there without being there. You get a true "feel" for a home with VR. No taking the best pictures of a property. No wide angle lenses and no selective picture editing. You get a true "feel" for a home by being allowed to move around in it just like you would in real life. And VR is more than just home interiors. With Google Earth and Street View you can use VR to virtually look around the neighborhood and the city where are looking.

Relocation is where VR really shines. You can tour homes in your PJs on your schedule without leaving home. You can compare homes back to back with no down time between tours. The other benefit is being able to come back to tours at anytime without loosing your place. Interruptions happen and in the real world those interruptions can take you away from a house you are looking at as well as taint your opinion of a property. VR lets you take your time to enjoy things, including tours or games, and if you play games like WoW, getting wotlk classic gold can be good for this.