Anyone who has ever bought or sold real estate knows that there is a single constant, paperwork. With dotloop everything can be in one place. Contracts, property disclosure, agency disclosures, and everything else. All in one place and all accessible from anywhere with an internet connection on any device. PC running Windows, MAC, iOS device, or Android device can all access dotloop. Not only are your documents accessible, but they are readable as well. No more fax of a fax of a fax. Everything is readable and you can zoom in on any document for ease of readability.

Being able to access your documents is pretty cool and all but what really makes dotloop a massive time saver are digital signatures. Just like accessing documents you can sign them as well, anywhere and anytime. Your at home but your partner is out of town for work. You can both sign from where you are. No problem. Talk about a time saver. And in this tight real estate market every minute counts.

It used to be that you would take the folder of signed documents that you received at your closing and you put them in a fire safe. Just in case. But are they really safe? What about a flood, tornado, sink hole, zombie apocalypse? With dotloop your documents are stored in multiple Tier III data centers and redundantly backed by Amazon Web Services. Finally, dotloop is a member of the Zillow Group which means that dotloop has the financial resources to survive for the long haul. None of the technology matters if the company goes under. And don't worry, your data can't be shared with Zillow Group or anyone else without your explicit permission. You can opt-out of data sharing at any time.